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Tale Weaver Anthro Fiction


Due to the site overhaul taking place at the Anthro Fiction Network , I have decided to host my own Anthro Fiction Contest.


The contest theme will be UNIQUE RELATIONSHIPS. The goal is to write a story that focuses on how characters interact with one another in unusual situations. Examples include:

- Characters with multiple spouses
- Characters with opposing belief systems
- Humans as pets for animals
- A children-only society
- Reversed gender roles
- Characters displaced from their normal environment

-1- PG-13 (no overt sex)
-2- Keep adult language to a minimum
-3- Make sure anthro characters display animal-like traits and are not just humans in animal form.
-4- Word length: 1000-3500 words

And the evaluation system would follow the elements of:
-1- Technical
-2- Theme
-3- Creativity
-4- Enjoyability
from a scale of 1(poor) to 5(excellent).


This contest has the same rules as the Anthro Fiction Network, so anyone interested in training for their quarterly competitions could use the Tale Weaver Anthro Fiction contest as a proving ground.



Submission Guidelines
--- Email story in word document saved in rich text format
--- Make sure your email includes: Your name(or nickname), story title, and brief description of you as the author.
--- Be sure to write whether you’d like to be contacted about future contests and if readers may contact you through the Tale Weaver email address.
--- Stories with an abundance of grammatical mistakes will be sent back to the writers for revisions (if time permits)

After January 31st, this website will be available for readers to critique and comment on the story entries.

Stories will be open for public judging until February 29th.

The results of the contest will be available during the first or second week of March 2008. Each story will receive an in-depth critique by the judges as per the style of the Anthro Fiction Network


Email questions and entries to: